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Guest starring Wallen (Drawing a Blank)

I got this Idea to work with Henrique Couto on this strip almost after I met him. I waited awhile to broach him with the Idea. He was very receptive and it went smoothley and the end result was funny. Just so you know he wrote the punch-line.

Wallen is from his animated cartoon called Drawing a Blank. It is one of the funniest things I have watched. It can be found at Http://

Or you can just search for it on youtube.

As always my 10 or 11 readers thank you for reading. You can leave me a comment at the bottom of the page or you can e-mail me at also Johnny Cancer has a fan page on Facebook.

Will miss everything about you Andy.. Thank you for being you. ~papersteve

Funny Stuff..RIP Andy :( ~Kevin

Lol - made me laugh again :) ~Ed Everest

Ha ha - made me laugh - thanks :) ~Ed Everest

How do I become fan? Can't find it.

I love your cartoon.
so funny. but sad. ~Judy

Henrique, Wallen was very hard to draw. I don't think I have him right still ~Andy

I love the way Wallen looks. Very funny, worth the wait without a doubt! Glad to work with you, sir! ~Henrique

I love seeing artists I know work together. I think your humor meshes well, and seeing these two characters together is like even better than Marvel cross-overs. ~Andrew "Black Magic" Woman

I was hoping for such a collaborative effort. Now where is Cancerman???? ~Matt "do you want fries with that " Walker

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