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Star Trek Blues

This was taken from a journal entry I never wrote a few years back. I had to trim it down quite a bit to make it work as a comic. It's weird drawing scenes from your own life. Although me and Johnny cancer look nothing alike and I'm not in a wheelchair.

I almost didn't make this one because I thought it was to dark and to personal as I said before this was intended to be a journal entry. Plus I'm not sure if the humor is translated well.

As always my 8 or 9 readers thank you for reading. I like feedback good or bad and you can leave comments on the bottom of the page or you can e-mail me at


This is my favorite one. ~Henrique

This is an instance of an artist transcending his chosen medium. As with all the greatest comedy, the punch line in this strip kills in more ways than one. ~Andrew S.

Dark but funny ~Matthew Walker

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