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It's no secret that I was once addicted to infomercials. I even did a strip about Billy Mays. While I was recovering from surgery and chemo I was up at odd times in the night and the only thing on TV was infomercials. I love many of them but the ones I hated were the diet pills/fad or what ever was trendy at the time. I happen to be one of the few people that have always found the before pictures more attractive. So this is my take on those commercials Johnny Cancer style.

I love this strip I think it works well.

As always my 8 or 9 readers thank you for well reading.

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Great!! Keep it up ~Eli

Ok this is my new favorite : ) damn thats funny ~Matthew Walker

Side effects may include DEATH!!! Hilarious! But my favorite part is the close-up of the I.V. bag with Johnny's face on it. That is what the kids call "epic". ~Andrew Blackman

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