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Dating Blues

Sometime last year when I first had an idea to do a comic strip this was the first thought. I asked my Cousin Mike about the humor of it and he thought it was pretty funny. Now this was before I had come up the charecter of Johnny Cancer so I'm not sure if fits in with this strip overall. I still like it alot.

Oh yeah by the way. This is based on something that happened to me about 7 1/2 years ago. Trust me there is more to the story but 4 panels over the internet is probably not the best way to tell a full story. This has been shortened for a laugh (hopefully).

As alway my 7 or 8 readers I hope you enjoy.

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This one makes me smile. Thanks for sticking it out. :) ~Kristi O'Neal

Matt I hate negative space and if I had nothing on the tv then it would look odd to me. Normally when I have them in the house the tv is good for a side gag. I had one worked out but I felt that it would take away from the rest of the strip. ~Andy

ok so with rabbit ears the get infomercials and digital they get static,,, sounds about right :) ~Matt Walker

Matt, They had to go digital and had to get a widescreen tv. just a guess ~Andy

Andrew it is your comment has left me speechless ~Andy

who stole your rabbit ears? ~Matt Walker

I'm speechless this time, really am. People talk about "dark" humor but I don't think that exactly covers this particular Johnny strip. It's the kind of painful funny that flawlessly portrays both sides of the coin at once: tragedy meets comedy. This type of joke is so hard to pull off, I would never attempt it. In just four simple panels, you did what "Funny People" couldn't manage to do in nearly 3 hours of film. ~Andrew aka Blacula

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