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Johnny Cancer #9 Yes We Can

Comic #9

Uploaded by Andy at 14:23 on 09/08/2009


Yes We Can

I'm sorry I find cancer survivors to be the most anoying thing around. It's not that I'm not happy for them but more like I feel cheated because thatis some thing I can't have. I don't know if this an actual slogan or not. I hope it's not. If you couldn't tell from the comic I'm not a fan of therapists either. I think that most of them have good intentions and in the right situations help alot of people but in general What's a stranger going to tell you about yourself that you don't already know?

I understand many of you (all five of my readers) won't get the joke but that's ok. I like you anyway.

A quick note. The "IN" sign on The Bob's door is a tribute to one of my favorite comics Peanuts.

Once again thanks for reading.
Oh yeah you can also reach me at this e-mail adress johnnycancercomic@yahoo.com



I also like the GED -- I saw it first. My mother believes that willpower can conquer anything which is really ironic considering that she doesn't have any. ~Henry

It's funny this one was the one I was most nervous about as far as offending people. I has turned out to be the best recieved strip so far. ~Andy

This one is my favorite. It made me laugh out loud really hard (while at work) ~Julie S.

LOVE this one ( I have cancer too, and "get this" 100%)! And I picked up the Peanuts reference too... and the GED is hilarious!
Keep going! ~christina

Gotta love the eighties. ~Craig

I actully thought the therapist bob was a newhart reference, didn't notice the "in" reference til you pointed it out. Hi Andy!! ~Sean

Thanks for saying so Amanda. I was worried what other "Cancer Survivors" would think. ~Andy

I loved this strip! I'm a cancer "survivor", but I totally get what you're saying about the pretentiousness of the survivor's club. A lot of my friends from chemo didn't make it, and I find it so infuriating when people (especially other survivors) talk about "winning against" or "beating" the cancer, as if willpower has anything to do with prognosis. If it did, then I'm sure I'd be dead by now and that more of the other teens/young adults from my clinic would have made it. I think it's really awesome that you can laugh at the situation. That, IMO, is the only real way of "beating" cancer -- to be able to keep laughing and finding reasons to smile in spite of it. ~Amanda

Glad you finally made it Kristi funny comics huh? ~Matthew W

Yeah, I'm all for positive thinking and therapy. I don't have much against GEDs either. Glad to see you have a response, though. ~Kristi O'Neal

No this one more of a response to people telling me I have think positive to beat cancer. That is how cancer survivors are in general. ~Andy

please tell me this isnt an actual experience,, Oh and I love the GED on Bobs wall ~Matthew W

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