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Johnny Cancer #7 Gurgle of Love

Comic #7

Uploaded by Andy at 00:24 on 01/08/2009


The Gurgle of Love

This Came From a conversation a little over two years ago at a birthday party. When I told this joke I had a friend who didn't think my humor was Healthy. I'm still not sure to this day if she heard me when I said, "I gurgle once at you!". I ment that in jest but I thought that was funnier than the actual joke.

As far a the actual strip goes I like the timing of it. The Third panel was the actual punchline. The fouth was a throw away joke to set up a future strip.

As always thanks for reading.



You and i have had this conversation. I bet you say it to all the girls. :) ~Kristi O'Neal

Wouldn't miss these for the world... May not post each time but read'em all!! ~papersteve

Steve I'm glad to know you still read this. ~Andy

Well, everyone needs to say I love you in their own special way!! ~papersteve

Sucsess! ~Andy

Think I just peed a little ~Matt walker

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