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Johnny Cancer #6 Commie Pig

Comic #6

Uploaded by Andy at 19:38 on 18/07/2009


Fresh out of the Scanner.

This one speaks for itself. The chemo description is pretty much spot on with what I got. I was actually hounded for money in the waiting room while awaiting treament. I was less than cordial.
I hope you found this entertaining. By the way the scan on this came out bad I may try and fix it later but I hope it gets the point across.

Oh yeah. A comments section has been added to this site. Please don't abuse it or it will have to be taken out. So if you have something to comunicate please leave me a note. I will read them all.

Thanks for allowing me to sporadically amuse all five of you who read this. ;)


Six :-) ~Henry

This one made me giggle a little. :) ~Kristi O'Neal

First! ~Andrew S.

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