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Johnny Cancer #20 The Sign Says

Comic #20

Uploaded by Andy at 14:03 on 25/10/2009


The Sign Says

This is probably not my best strip. HEy they all can't be winners. The idea was born a couple of strips ago in the Jenny intro. What would a creepy loser try to use as pick up line if a bar had a metaphysical night? That combined with a experience I had in the the 8th grade where I was talking to a girl I had crush on was into astrology and she asked my sign and proceeded to tell me the bad aspects of me based on my sign. The basic research was done for this in a Borders book store talking to friend who believes in Astrology. So if it doesn't vibe blame her not me and in my defense I was doped on pain killers at the time she gave me the info.

As a side not this strip was fun to draw. I think I'm getting the hang of facial expressions and character design. I like the female character because she was fun to draw. I think she will be named Rikki. Also you may notice that I tried to fix the misspelling of beautiful in the first panel. I'm surprised I didn't catch it until after I inked it.

Another side note. I started a Johnny Cancer fan page on facebook a few months ago and have not done aanything with it. I think I have decided what direction that is going to take. It is going have a annotated versions of all my strip compleate with What I do to draw this strip think of it as The DVD extras. I'm going to start that this week. So if you really waant to know just become a fan and see.

As always my 10 or 12 readers thanks for reading and leave feedback in the comments section on the bottom of the page or email at johnnycancercomic@yahoo.com



I think this is one of your best cartoons :)

~Ed Everest

Oh, yeah. Just what I'd expect from a "metaphysical night" chick. I love her mean face. ~Julie S.

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