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Johnny Cancer #19 DIGNITY

Comic #19

Uploaded by Andy at 14:14 on 13/10/2009



This is another Jenny strip. I'm trying to make her sarcastic but I'm finding that sarcasm my be a audio thing. I'm trying I hope you all like her because I have at least 3 other strips in the works for her one of which cracks me up. Yes I'm still in the bar FYI the reason I came up with the bar was I wanted some way to flip the characters around to finish a joke. A bar is like a wall in some respects. It was the easiest to do a 180 camera angle on.

This one is not based in real life the concept came while I was shopping. I got down to look at the bottom shelf in a drug store and had a hard time getting up. While I eventually got off of the ground the act of me crawling to a pillar and using it for help got stares, and the only thing I could say was at least I still have my ......

As always my 10 or 12 readers thanks for reading. Please leave comment on the page below I want possitive and negative feedback.
or you could e-mail me at johnnycancercomic@yahoo.com

Andy Fox


Ha, ha. "Uh-oh" is exactly what my brother said when he lost his dignity in my car one day. Gotta love the poo humor ~Julie S.

I always start sing "Jenny don't ypu lose my number cause you're not anywhere" ~Andy

I don't know Andy.. I have an issue with your new character, everytime I see her 8675309 keeps running through my head! ~papersteve

Just love this comic!! I want a copy of this!!! ~Elaine Burchfield

Jenny is me! hahaha! this one is pure brilliance. :) It might even top the Star Wars one, which was my top until now. ~Kristi O'Neal

MAN!!! How do you do it? This is the most multi-layered one of them all. Sharp as hell, too. You have how many different types of humor going on here, exactly? I'm beyond impressed. I'm glad you're the one with the comic strip, as I could never come up with something like this. ~Andrew Black Christmas

reminded me of a good pratfall loved it ~Matt "cockenstien" Walker

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