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Johnny Cancer #18 Jenny

Comic #18

Uploaded by Andy at 23:13 on 04/10/2009



This is my attempt to launch a new character in the strip. As you can tell her name is Jenny. I did this for a few reasons One is the fact that the only female characters I have had in this strip were either evil nurses/ admin or just plain stupid. I also wondered if giving him different types of people to play off of would result in funny strips. I hope you like her I have another strip lined up for her soon.

As far as the rest of this strip goes I would love to go to a bar on metaphysical night. I think it could be quite an interesting mix of ideas. Ok I wouldn't really go because I hate crowds and people and bars for that matter I don't drink. I wonder why I draw so many of these strips in bars? It doesn't make sense. For that matter I hate drawing the bar I hate the way it looks I need to figure out how to revamp the location since I use it so much.

As always my 10 readers thanks for reading if you have any comments please leave them on the bottom of this page or send a e-mail to



:-) -- I too believe in reincarnation ~Henry

Jenny reminds me of myself, I wonder if you thought so too? Hey! the coffee shop idea is a good one. You can come with me to mine for reference and we can draw together. :) ~Kristi O'Neal

Yeah, cool female character! I guess metaphysical night would be more likely in a coffeehouse joint--lots of pseudo-intellectual discussions going on in those places. If you don't drink coffee, there's always tea. ~Julie S.

The ahnd doesn't require cuddling. ~Craig

once again funny stuff Andy as far as the bar goes just change it up a bit and make it an oxygen bar really where else would a metaphysical group meet? ~Matt "The Cock" Walkerpaloosa

I like Jenny. Not only does she have exquisite cartoon breasts, but of course you know I 100% support positive female characters. As far as the theme in this one goes, it probably hit home for me moreso than any of the previous ones because I believe in reincarnation. I don't however, believe in Carnation Instant Breakfast (tried it once, didn't "love it in an instant" as the jingle promised I would). ~Andrew Doesn't Drink Either

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