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Johnny Cancer #16 The Right Wing

Comic #16

Uploaded by Andy at 23:43 on 16/09/2009


The Right Wing

I generaly try not to get heavy handed about somethings but this is one issue that I have been forced to deal with. A few months ago I was in insurance limbo and I was turned away from the hospital. It hurt in more ways than the obvious one. As I left I was shocked that we could do this to one and another (and I was shocked that I still had to pay for parking but that is another story).

I don't know what the right answer is but I know this system isn't it.

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Yeah, I think this one could go in the editorial section... ~Henry

this one is awesome. It is funny, real and eye opening. This one should be public, for sure. I LOVE the Artwork, especially the jiggling iv bag in the first panel. the dark areas really give it depth. Fantastic, Andy! ~Kristi O'Neal

I'm glad both you liked it! I was worried about doing a "topical political cartoon" This ain't Doonsbury! ~Andy

I agree. This is MUCH better than the crappy cartoons in our paper. Looks good and very funny (plus sad because is reality). Great job! ~Julie S.

First of all, another excellent-looking comic. I love all the heavy black areas. Second, this could totally run in a newspaper editorial section. It's just as well-timed, smart and right on as anything I see in there. ~Andrew Black Christmas

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