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Johnny Cancer #15 A New Hope?

Comic #15

Uploaded by Andy at 23:01 on 12/09/2009


The Force is strong with this one!

This one speaks for it self and no it's not autobiographical. It's just a joke that I thought was funny I probably came from the fact that last week I mentioned Star Trek in strip so I had do a Star Wars one.

I don't know if you can tell a difference I am trying new inking techniques on the strip as well as using different pens with different size tips. The art work is still the same as no matter the quality of pens I buy I will still draw the same. Although I think I am getting better. I think every one who reads it (all 9 or 10 of you) would be shocked at how time I put into drawing this strip!

Let me know if you like or hate it. I like feedback.
As always thanks for reading you can leave a comment at the bottom of the page or you can e-mail me at johnnycancercomic@yahoo.com



Of course, you would guess that this is my favorite so far. i mean, come on, there is an Obi-Wan in my kitchen and i watch Chad Vader religiously. I laughed. I loved it. Also, the new ink style is great! You are evolving as an Artist and it shows. :) ~Kristi O'Neal

Just remember Andy, Do or Do Not... There is no Try! (Ranks at the top for me!) ~papersteve

May the Schwartz be with you ! Great Stuff ! ~Emilio

This one looks incredible, Andy. Very professional. The look on Johnny's face from the 3rd to 4th panel was what made me laugh most. How does the saying go? "A New Hope is better than no hope at all"? ;-) ~Andrew F'ing Shearer

Made me laugh Andy!
(and I like the bold ink too)
Cheers - Ed ~Ed Everest

looks good, like what you did with the bold ink, And once again spot on with humor ~Matt Walker

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