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Johnny Cancer #11 Organic Cancer

Comic #11

Uploaded by Andy at 00:01 on 19/08/2009


Because that's what plants crave...

Please don't disect this one. I probably doesn't hold up to it. I get irritated with people who equate organic with healthy.

Please at least take the time to even read a wiki article before drinking the kool-aide.

Just so you know the idea was that JC looked up the definition on his cpu. That's I go out of my way to make sure that the free wifi is in the window. Also This is the First Character (other than The Bob) from the therapy group. The rest will become in what I hope to be follow up roles in the strip. For now I call them the Cancer crew.

As always my five or six readers I hope you enjoy!

If you have any feed back please leave a comment or e-mail me at johnnycancercomic@yahoo.com



Many environmentalists belong in this bin :-) ~Henry

Instant hydration, just add water. :) i get irritated with the organic craze, too. :) ~Kristi O'Neal

Christina I'm glad you like it ~Andy

I assume you are familiar with Harvey Pekar... if not, you should check him out. This reminds me somewhat of his work. I'll keep checking this out - I need the laughs!
:) ~christina

Steve has Fred made you paranoid yet? ~Andy

Very good (reminds me of another former co-worker) ahem... And I will add very nice backwards wi-fi placement! Nearly exact in every frame... (funny what I notice huh Andy?) ~papersteve

I'm glad you liked it craig

My favorite one so far! ~Craig

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